• File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Internet and e-mail
  • Wireless
  • Workgroups or server
  • Informal or structured cabling
  • Patch panels
  • Links between buildings



If you have more than one computer, do you want them connected for file and/or printer sharing, in addition to providing broadband access for Internet and E-mailing? Can they be hardwired together, for fastest transfers and total security, or might wireless connection be more useful? Are the required linking distances suitable for wireless connection? Note that hardwired connection may also be achieved via the ac mains power cables, using inexpensive Powerline Ethernet Adapters, instead of installing new point-to-point Cat 5e cables to any more remote workstations.


Apart from being able to share printers and broadband services, the other most useful aspect of networking computer is that documents, contact details and accounting information (for example) may be shared between the connected computers, allowing fast and easy access from each connected workstation. For small numbers of machines it is normally sufficient to link them using the Windows Workgroup software included within Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. For larger numbers of machines, one would usually assign one of the computers as a Server, needing associated Windows Small Business Server software, or equivalent - this machine would then be used to hold all of the shared database and accounting information to which the connected machines would then have access, possibly limited by passwords and other security arrangements to ensure that only designated staff have access to potentially sensitive or confidential information.It  might also be used as a local E-mail server to buffer messages to and from your ISP or other e-mail provider.

We offer a range of different network cabling arrangements, depending on the numbers of machines to be connected, the layout of the premises to be covered and the likely degree of future flexibility that might be expected in the business or businesses to be connected. Smaller numbers of computers, to be linked using Windows Workgroup software, may only need simple workstation-to-workstation cabling, assuming wall mounted RJ45 outlet sockets at each site, maybe combined with a second RJ45 or BT phone outlet socket for connection of a telephone.


Where larger numbers of workstation sites are to be linked, particularly if scope for later re-configuration is ever likely to be needed, we would maybe suggest installing a more structured cabling arrangement, taking all cables to/from patch panels in an equipment cabinet. This then allows easy connection of all required cables to an Ethernet switch, usually with broadband connection - and may also be used for linking of telephone extension cables from a central PBX or phone system unit within the same cabinet. Such arrangements are very flexible, allowing simple trouble-shooting and can quickly be re-configured as desks or staff are moved around the premises.


In addition to simple fixed wire or wireless connections within a building, you may also require data network (and telephone) connections to separated buildings - we can help with these too, possibly using overhead lines, underground lines, fibre optic cables or wireless. 


Please call Hi-Port Telecom to discuss your particular needs and how these might best be addressed.