Our PROFIBUS and PROFINET catalogue addresses installation, commissioning and maintenance needs. From cable, tools and connectors to hubs, repeaters, terminators and comprehensive traffic analysis and fault-finding tools. We also offer PROFIBUS ASICs and pre-certification tools for PROFIBUS slave developers.

Primary suppliers include Procentec, Siemens, Belcom, Epic, MTL and Profichip.

ProfiTrace and other PROFIBUS Test Equipment

Our test equipment helps engineers to quickly verify new PROFIBUS network wiring, fault-find in failed systems and allows preventive maintenance screening for weaknesses which might cause later operational difficulties.

Due to their robust communications arrangements PROFIBUS systems can automatically overcome occasional partial equipment failures, or message corruptions. This system resilience can hide associated weaknesses from the operators, giving them no idea of such failings and problems, which may later, if not addressed, lead to more serious loss of functionality, or even total system failure. When properly used by expert staff, Procentec ProfiTrace and our other instruments, can help maintainers to regularly review network status, allowing identification, measurement and tracking of network performance weaknesses and other potential problems, so that these can be corrected before they can impact on overall system operation.

This network performance screening process has now been further enhanced by release of the new Procentec COMbricks products, which COMbricks - modular PROFIBUS repeater with embedded ProfiTraceinclude ProfiTrace-Over-Ethernet capabilities for continuous reporting of network status to remote monitoring centres and automatic sending of alarm notification messages by email or SMS texts!

In addition to the Procentec ProfiTrace and COMbricks products, we also supply our new Hi-Port HP-25 cable testers, for network cable checks by unskilled wiremen.

And for ASi installations, we offer the Bihl+Wiedemann BW1415 AS-i Analyser, the very similar Siemens AS-Interface Analyser and the Siemens AS-Interface Addressing Unit.

PROFIBUS Hubs and Repeaters

In addition to test equipment for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and AS-i networks, we also offer the versatile and useful range of Procentec PROFIBUS Hubs and Repeaters, including the A5, B5, C5 and new COMbricks.

Cable, Connectors and Tools


We offer a wide range of PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA and PROFINET cables to cater for different application requirements. In addition to the Standard Fast Connect (FC) PROFIBUS DP cable for most fixed installations, we also cater for underground cable, anti-rodent cable, flexible cable, trailingSiemens PROFIBUS DP cable strip tool cable, festoon cable, EMC cable and armoured cable.


PROFIBUS PA cables, mostly with blue or black outer sheaths, have heavier gauge conductors, and are offered with solid conductors for fixed installations or stranded conductors for flexible application and with further EMC and direct burial options. We can supply in standard reel or cut lengths, as needed, often with next day delivery available. Please call to discuss your particular requirements.

PROFIBUS Fault-finding Services and ProfiTrace Training

In addition to PROFIBUS equipment we also offer PROFIBUS network design, installation and commissioning advice, and support this with on-site network audit and fault-finding services, frequently in response to urgent requests for help.

Although many of our ProfiTrace customers have seen the kit before and been trained in its use, many are totally new to the equipment and software and may well be interested in experienced help with getting the kit up and running quickly.

For these customers we offer personal delivery of the ProfiTrace kit to your site, with comprehensive ProfiTrace User Training. This includes help in getting the software installed on your computers and training of your engineers in how to start and use it quickly and effectively. We including brief, but focussed, sessions on related PROFIBUS essentials. We include lots of examples of how this kit may be successfully used for both new system commissioning and fault-finding tasks. These courses are run on an intensive full day basis, with afternoon session mostly focussed on practical work, possibly including supervised audit or trouble-shooting by your staff on any locally available systems to help consolidate their new skills and develop confidence in their normal working environment.

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