ProfiTrace V2.6.3 software released

The new release includes the following improvements and corrections ::-

New: Scope images of all devices can now be displayed in the live list

Improvement: If a record trigger is active, it is indicated clearly on the toolbar.

Improvement: An alternative default directory for loading/saving message files can now be setup in the preferences.

Improvement: Enhanced translation for ProfiCaptain.

Fix: An illegal floating point in the datainspection would only show "", now also a hexdump is displayed to inspect the illegal data.

Fix: Help button in 'Topology' pointed to the OPC help and not the 'topology' help.

Fix: If a COMbricks message file (.ptc) was loaded it always displayed "convertedptc.ptd" in the title caption instead of the real filename.


Download ProfiTrace Version 2.6.3 Software