COMbricks Firmware Upgrade to V1.277

• New: Bargraph values can now be read using SNMP (see updated SNMP-MIB file)
• New: Fiber Optic module type 2 is now supported
• Improvement: The Statistics screen now displays the livelist background colour (as in ProfiTrace)
• Improvement: The CommDTM master now supports 128 independent DP-V1 connections
• Improvement: If the Head Station has an active output-control, write access to the configured module is blocked for other modules : separates control of Relay and Digital Output modules between Head Station and COMbricks Slave or Profinet Module, for example
• Fix: Some visual fixes made to the Channel List webpage
• Fix: Head Station bitmap image has been updated in the Channel List page
• Fix: Previously bar graph values did not become inactive if the stations were transferred to another channel in the same network
• Fix: Previously bar graph & Scope repeater signals did not become inactive when the Scope repeater stopped forwarding messages

Info: Languages other than English and German have to be copied manually in the 'trans' directory of the SD-Card in order to be used.