Netilities V1.5.3 for PROFINET Analysis

Netilities Upgraded to V1.5.3

NEW: German language has been added

• Improvement: SNMP scan can be set-up to scan user-defined IP ranges

• Improvement: SNMP port statistics for the absolute/relative network load for each port.


NOTE 1: Unpack the ZIP image and copy it to the USB dongle


...and as a reminder of changes in the last release :-

Netilities V1.5.2 Changes

• NEW: A pop-up window is shown at startup displaying info about how to connect to a PROFINET network

• Improvement: The dot seperating thousands within a number have been removed

• Improvement: Speed of packet processing has been improved

• Improvement: If the PC is too slow to handle packets, a message is displayed

• Improvement: The 'Additional device info' dialog can be accessed via a button in the Live List

• Fix: Bug in the topology algorithm has been fixed

• Fix: Bug in statistics colors has been fixed