COMbricks FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module

Procentec has added a new Foundation Fieldbus Diagnostic Module to its COMbricks modular repeater and diagnostic kit range for PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks .


The new COMbricks FF Diagnostic Module is able to permanently check the condition of H1 physical layer signals. By means of a web server the signal quality of the connected devices can be inspected and emails sent to inform the user about critical events. Notifications and remote access assure optimal network uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

The COMbricks FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module is not an active device and therefore does not require an address. It passively measures the network condition and can be wired in parallel or inseries to/with an existing H1 segment. Up to 10 such FF diagnostic modules may be connected to a single COMbricks Head Station.

FF modules can be combined with PROFIBUS DP and PA diagnostics modules to offer a complete installation overview to the user.

See later COMbricks Head Station firmware upgrade to V1.287 to provide Live List and other displays for this FF Module and associated COMbricks Module Firmware Upgrade tool also released January 2015