ProfiTrace V2.9.2 - SP1 Upgrade


The original release of this software was further updated to Service Pack 1 : 17 June 2014




New: The CommDTM can now be used free of charge within Endress+Hauser FieldCare. This feature only works with Procentec CommDTM driver V1.0.17.626 or higher!

Improvement: CommDTM stability has been improved

Improvement: Resets, both when using the Oview tab and from top of screen File->Reset now offers customization of which details are to be reset. This is helpfu, for example, when ident numbers and associated slave details need to be kept

Fix: In ProfiCaptain, when adding modules, the parameter limit was not checked

Fix: Reporting did not show texts correctly for some languages

Fix: When intensely using the CommDTM the memory usage would grow slowly but continuously

Fix: Report problem at end of Wizard sequence now corrected