New Hi-Port HP-25 PROFIBUS Cable Tester


This small handheld device checks for the most frequently found cable connection faults seen with PROFIBUS DP wiring between pairs of 9-pin D-sub PROFIBUS plugs and over daisy chained PROFIBUS cables.

The software checks for and reports open lines, short circuits between cores, shorts between screen and cores, and crossed connections, reporting any such failures on a red background, with sound signal and text details shown on the front panel colour display. Correct connection test results are reported on a green screen, with different sound signal and show the number of activated terminator switches detected on the tested cable. If 3 or more terminators are detected this is reported as a fault.

Fault details are emphasized by display of associated conductor colour information, showing green background for A line, red background for the B line and black for the cable screen/shield.

In addition to connection testing, the unit also allows test tone output onto the PROFIBUS A line, to enable clear separation of IN and OUT cables at a remote location before connection to plug or other unit. Correct orientation of cables within all PROFIBUS plugs and slaves is very important. A tone detector is included for identification of these signals : this unit, as shown in following photo, includes separate tone generation module for tracing LAN, telecom or other wires. Both modules are powered by button cells which are included.


The HP-25 Tester is powered by a single 9 volt PP3 battery, with re-chargeable versions also suitable.

This tester is only suitable for use on totally unpowered cables!

The HP-25 kit is supplied with silver end of cable test plug, two 9 volt PP3 batteries and tone detector, all in strong hard carry case, as in photo.

Units now shipping to order, worldwide, either directly or possibly via your regional Procentec product distributor. Please contact Hi-Port Controls for update on your local agent, or for direct prices.

Downloadable Files

HP-25 Sales Leaflet.....(above article with extra display image examples)

New Issue 4 Quick Start User Handbook..(pdf file download)


9 volt dry battery - 4 to 12 mA current
(actual current depends on selected display brightness)

Tested Cable Length

1 to 1,000 metres


Dimensions in mm

Weight in grams
HP-25 Cable Tester 118 x 77 x 24 168 (with battery)
Tone Detector 195 x 47 x 30 122 (with batteries)
Cable end test plug 45 x 31 x 16 20
Battery (PP3) 48 x 25 x 16 45
All above, packed to ship, incl. hard case 300 x 190 x 85

750 (with 2 x PP3)