ProfiTrace V2.5.2 software was released in March 2011 and included the following new features, fixes and improvements :-

• NEW: Support to view COMbricks message recording files (*.ptc)
• NEW: GSD library creation for COMbricks Live List functionality
• Fix: Bus parameters in ProfiCaptain were not activated correctly
• Fix: GSD interpretation for "Unit_Diag_Area" was not done correctly
• Fix: GSD interpretation was only done on the first device related diagnostic block
• Fix: PA Profile interpretation had problems with some directory structures
• Fix: In ProfiCaptain->Watch/Modify IO the intel datatypes did not work
• Improvement: A log file is generated if a GSD contains warnings
• Improvement: PA Profile interpretation worked only for 300 blocks
• Improvement: Support for GSD interpretation for: X_Unit_Diag_Bit, Unit_Diag_Bit_Help, X_Unit_Diag_Bit_Help, X_Unit_Diag_Area, X_Value, Value_Help, X_Value_Help


Click on following link to download copy of this software, after entry of your contact and address details : ProfiTrace v.2.5.2 software  download