ProfiTrace V2.5.3 software was released on 30 May 2011 and includes the following new features, fixes and improvements :-


• NEW: When viewing statistics the live list status colours are now shown for each device

• Fix: Steal slave function in ProfiCaptain is often accidentally enabled by users. The dialog now improves this by asking the user to explicitly start the steal operation and also having it activated only when in the steal slave dialog. Closing the dialog will also automatically disable the steal slave function.
• Improvement: In ProfiCaptain it is now possible to filter the list of 'Available modules'. This makes it easier to search for the correct module
• Improvement: Possibility to disable the matching of modules to a configuration or to set a limit to the number of matches.
• Improvement: Optionally enable/disable the telegram selection upon loading and saving.


Note that the previously announced live streaming of ProfiTrace data from COMbricks has not been including in this software release, but will follow shortly!


Click on following link to download copy of this software, after entry of your contact and address details : ProfiTrace v.2.5.3 software  download