COMbricks Firmware V1.252 - June 2011

The following new feature, improvements and fixes have been included in this version, released 3 June 2011

• NEW: The triggered busmonitor can now automaticaly re-trigger
• NEW: New Head Stations contain a web page with documents and software

• Improvement: IP-stack has been updated
• Improvement: The triggered busmonitor displays the result of the previous event
• Improvement: In the web server, the serial number is displayed on the license page
• Improvement: In the web server, the event config is in the Profitrace menu section
• Improvement: Optimizations in the javascript
• Improvement: Javascript support for old browsers (IE6) has been improved


• Fix: Bug in SD card check has been solved
• Fix: The module enumeration has been fixed
• Fix: Javascript timeout has been solved


Note : after installing this new firmware, we found that we also needed to upgrade our original COMbricks Discovery Software to Version 1.3.2 to allow identification of COMbricks units on our network and operation of the browser and LED flashing functions.

To download this new version, click here - see updated COMbricks User Manual (V1.2.0 or later) for Firmware Upgrade Procedure. This can be downloaded from end of Home Page