Procentec update COMbricks firmware to V1.253

New Procentec COMbricks Head Station Firmware v1.253 was released 10 August 2011. This primarily adds streaming of PROFIBUS network data from a COMbricks Head Station, via the Ethernet port, to new ProfiTrace v2.6 software

Download by clicking following link :
Head Station Type 1 Firmware V1.253 (3,0 Mb)

Changes in this version of the firmware include :-

• New: Streaming telegrams to Profitrace V2.6.0 via Ethernet

• New: Repeater modules have their own status pages

Fix: In Firefox, the warm restart function did not work if repeated

• Fix:
The FTP server was not able to rename directories

Improvement: Caching is enabled for web server files, allowing faster loading of web pages


Improvement: Improved handling of periodic browser-data

Improvement: Headstation current limit has been changed from 2.5 Amp to 2.8 Amp

Improvement: Headstation current overload (>3.0 Amp) causes it to shutdown and retry after a couple of seconds