ProfiTrace Version 2.6.0 Software Upgrade

This version of ProfiTrace 2 software is primarily introduced to allow alternative sources of  live PROFIBUS data telegrams. These can now either be taken from COMbricks Type 1C Headstations over an Ethernet link - or from normal ProfiCore Ultra adapters.


See below for further information about running the new software with COMbricks and what to expect.


*****   Please note that this is a second release of this version, with drivers updated 6 September 2011 *****


Software Download Link : ProfiTrace V2.6.0 (94,0 Mb)

•   NEW:   Streaming live data telegrams from a COMbricks via Ethernet

•   Improvement:   Adjustable trigger timeout values for bargraph generation

•   Fix:   When loading .PTD files and 'Show selection' is disabled, the other project files were not loaded

•   Fix:   File recording with a record filter caused incorrect timestamps

•   Fix:   ProfiTrace V2.5.3 did not run on Windows 2000

•   Fix:   In the Live List the "Reset selected station" function only cleared the diagnostics

•   Fix:   For the DP-V1 Resource manager telegram the Send_Timeout value was sometimes shown incorrectly

•   NOTE 1:   COMbricks firmware must be V1.253 or higher
•   NOTE 2:   At the moment only 1 stream connection (COMbricks side)
•   NOTE 3:   Only for type 1C Head Stations



Further details for COMbricks Users (& enquirers)


Once successfully installed, the new software can be started from the Program / Start Menu, where you will see a new ProfiTrace v2.6 for COMbricks option, as in following screen image :-



After selection of this COMbricks version, the new ProfiTrace software will initially look very similar to the previous versions, but now with a reduced number of program option tabs offered near top of screen. This can be seen in the following screen image, where the usual ScopeWare, Bar-graph, Topology and other tabs are missing to the right of the single ProfiTrace tab.


After selection of the offered Connect COMbrick button, a mid-screen dialogue is displayed, which in turn can be used to call the COMbricks Discovery Tool to easily help find an available COMbricks module. After this, one is then required to specify which of the 4 possible Head Station PROFIBUS Channels are to be monitored.  The following screen image shows data streaming from a 1.5 Mbps network - with Live List here selected. Note that the COMbricks kit must be running firmware v1.253 or higher to allow data streaming to ProfiTrace.


Note that the usually expected Messsage, Statistics and Data Inspection pages are all offered in this version of the software, and operate in exactly the same manner as for data telegram feeds from a ProfiCore Ultra PROFIBUS to USB adapter
















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page updated 12 Aug 2011