Procentec update COMbricks firmware to V1.254

Details :

New: The relay on the Head Station can be controlled on bus events. The set-up screen also allows for future relay output modules. See associated Output Control screen details

New: A list of connected Ethernet clients, and the service they are using, is displayed in the status web page

• New: A graphical device channel list has been added. It displays all connected devices (with livelist colors) and on what channel of the COMbricks repeaters they are connected

Fix : Ext diag statistic did not always display the correct value

Fix : The number of stations on the channels was not always correctly displayed

Improvement : With factory defaults, the settings file on the SD-card is not removed

Improvement : The speed of enumerating modules has been increased

Improvement : The email error messages are more clear about what is wrong

Improvement : When restoring settings, the new IP-address is automatically applied.