ProfiTrace Version 2.6.2 Software Upgrade


• Improvement :   Filtering on 'GetConfig' is now supported

• Improvement :   Latest PROFIBUS logo in reporting

• Improvement :   In ProfiCaptain it is now possible to filter/search GSD files based on :- Ident Number, Model Name, Vendor Name, GSD's with same ident nr's as in Live List, Last Network Scan

• Fix :   Dealing with Illegal floating point values caused ProfiTrace to crash/give exceptions. e.g. in 'Watch IO', OPC, searching for floating points in telegrams etc

• Fix :   In ProfiCaptain GSD module configuration and visualisation of modules in ProfiTrace, the term 'Slot' is used rather than 'Module'. The 'Slot' is based from '0' and not '1' in order to keep consistency


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