New COMbricks Head Station Type 1 firmware V1.264 released, including the following new features, improvements and corrections :-

New: SNMP functionality

• New: Support for the following modules: PROFINET IO-Device, 2 Channel Fiber Optic module, NONPB SCOPE repeater module

Improvement: The 'Channel list' web page displays more realistic images of the COMbricks modules and connected devices

Improvement: The 'message recorder' now supports up to 1000 files per network.

• Improvement: The modules are found much faster by the Head Station

• Improvement: E-mail addresses can be seperated by a ';' as well as by a ','

• Improvement: Device-Name has been added to identify COMbricks Head Stations

• Improvement: The 'info web pages' display the errors in RED text colour

• Fix: The 'CommDTM server' sometimes assigned the wrong master to an incoming connection, when using more than one connection

• Fix: The 'CommDTM master' sometimes claimed the bus before it received a token

• Fix: When devices on a channel were switched over to another network/channel, the devices on that channel were not displayed correctly


Click on this link to access this new firmware -