ProfiTrace V2.7.0 changes and updates


New: PROFIBUS PA signals and reporting (AC noise, DC Voltage, signal Level & Jitter).

New: The ProfiCore serial nr is stored in the ptd file. Upon loading it is also displayed.

New: Scope images are given a timestamp (on the screen and report).

Improvement: In ProfiCaptain Data Exchange has been speeded up.

Fix: Printing a report to Acrobat X (V10) did not work correctly.

Fix: ProfiCaptain did not correctly send Global Control commands (e.g. Stop->Clear).

Fix: External oscilloscope trigger did not work correctly.

Fix: Devices in Data Exchange responding with SD1 were not green in the live list.

Fix: When loading a filter view file an error message appeared.

Fix: "Unit_Diag_Area" was mirrored, resulting in incorrect information in the info panel.

Licence File location change:
The license file is now installed in a common application directory. This prevents a required reinstallation of the license file when a new ProfiTrace version is installed (this used to be the \app directory). It also prevents problems with required administrative rights when using Windows 7/Vista. For backward compatibility it is still allowed to place the license file in the \app directory. For new installations, the common directory is preferred.
- On Windows XP it is usually located at: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\procentec\proficoreultra"
- On Windows 7 it is usually located at: "C:\ProgramData\procentec\proficoreultra"
Note: the common directory is usually a hidden directory.