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Primary suppliers include Procentec, Siemens, Belcom, Epic, MTL and Profichip.

Head  Station Firmware V1.269


New: German language pack.

Improvement: Javascript libraries have been updated for Internet Explorer 9.

Fix: Tag names for slots and livelist stations were not deleted on a factory reset.

Fix: During backup/restore, the usermessage and tag-name files are copied.

Fix: If no SD-card was present on the system, the Head-Station info page displayed false capacity/free space values.

Fix: On the 'Output control' page, the module tag names were mixed up.

Fix: On the 'PA-measurements' page the jitter color has been changed from red to blue.

Fix: On the 'PA-coupler info' page, the used current is now displayed in mA.

Version V1.268 will not be released.

ProfiTrace Toolkit with software on USB Data Carrier


New COMbricks Head Station Firmware V1.267

Change summary :-

New: Tag names for Slots have been added (menu->Tag-name config)

New: Tag names for devices in the Live List have been added (menu->Tag-name config).

New: PROFIBUS DP slave and PA Coupler module are supported.

Improvement: The timeout of the Live List can be adjusted in the Network config.

Improvement: On SNMP the Live List values can be retrieved as an SNMP-TABLE at (please use the newest SNMP-MIB for this feature)

Fix: On a network with very large slot times, the statistics did not count correct

Fix: After a DHCP request, the Head Station will send its device-name with the request

Fix: When creating a directory on FTP, the return code was different from the standard

COMbricks firmware v1.261 for CommDTM

New COMbricks Head Station Type 1 firmware V1.261 released, including the following new features, corrections and improvements :-

New : CommDTM functionality added (2 x class 2 masters)
Fix : Idle line of the SCOPE repeater now displayed correctly
Improvement : SCOPE repeater TERM-LED voltages can be customized
Improvement : 'Device name' and 'System contact' be sent along with E-mails
Improvement : The actual IP-settings are displayed on the IP-config page
Improvement : The telnet interface has been updated (display of data)

Note that associated CommDTM Driver software also offered for download from the website.


And for reference the prior COMbricks V1.260 firmware included the following :-


New : SCOPE repeater modules now supported
Fix : Time-out of data-exchange is now set to 5 seconds

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