We can take you through the important security issues, such as Firewalls and Virus Check Software, and backup arrangements that are needed to ensure safe retrieval of your records in the event of hardware failure, or any other form of computer damage that might occur.

Firewalls and frequently updated Virus Check Software are needed to prevent unwanted outside access to information stored in your computers and to protect your computers from potential data and software corruption by malicious virus attacks. Although such attacks are most likely to arise from received emails, they may also arise from unprotected Internet browsing, from unscanned software CDs or even from seemingly harmless SD cards (as used in digital cameras) or USB data sticks. 


For data back-up purposes, one needs to consider the various different types of data storage arrangements available and the range (and scale) of information that might need to be saved. How important is each type of information that might need to be saved? How quickly does the information change? Does everything need to be updated regularly, or maybe only a small amount of critical data on a daily or weekly basis, with balance archived monthly? On-site or off-site archives? Would an onsite Fire Safe be suitable for protecting back-up hard drives, tapes, CDs or DVDs? Might remotely hosted backup storage be suitable? Should back-ups be automatically or manually triggered? Might this information need to be easily and quickly accessible from another location?

Have you undertaken any form of disaster recovery risk assessment for your computers or business IT, covering, at worst scenario, possible need for green-field re-start in totally new premises, with totally new kit?

Data back-up storage needs have become even more challenging in recent years due to the huge scale of data accumulated within most computers and most businesses, particularly with the need for long term email, contact database information, drawing and photograph archiving. Although very high capacity archive or back-up storage devices are also now offered, at comparatively modest cost - the time taken to complete a back-up becomes an important issue. This raises the profile for online back-up, maybe performed automatically, overnight.

There is rarely a simple single answer to how best to back-up data for any particular business, but Hi-Port can help you to understand the important issues involved, and to set about purchase and set-up of appropriate facilities - please call to discuss how we may help!