Siemens BT200 handheld PROFIBUS cable testerThe Siemens BT200 is a useful, robust, hand-held tester for PROFIBUS cable networks. It may be used on quiet networks, without a Master connected, for wiring checks, or on powered networks to show the station addresses of connected devices.


The unit may be used by staff with only minimal PROFIBUS knowledge and is designed to quickly find installation errors, with scope for printed reports. It tests for wire breaks, shield breaks, conductor swapping and short-circuits, and includes cable length measurement.


The connection integrity of even complex PROFIBUS segments may be checked by systematically working from one end, isolating further, untested, sections of the network by temporarily setting terminator switches at each test point as you work along the cable.


Hi-Port normally supplies these devices with UK pattern 230 volt AC mains powered charger for the internal battery. Alternative plug type and supply voltage versions also available to special order. Spare parts also offered, including replacement terminator, charger or new internal battery.


January 2015 Update : these useful devices are still availabe from Hi-Port Controls, but at higher prices than in past years